How to set up your You Tube Channel and Artwork

Free Template sites for Creating relevant, valuable and information, making adjustments to photos and creating infographics to be shared on your social media networks:
Youzign  Highly Recommend, Small fee but is worth it. Love this tool!

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SRB Marketing-Audit for Chiropractors


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The Secret to a Thriving Chiropractic Practice:  Stephanie Beck, Educator and Advocate for the online marketing success of chiropractors, massage therapists acupuncturist and spa owners uncovers the 3 secrets every chiropractor should know to have a thriving practice. 

Why Optimizing Images on Website Is Important for Social Media:  This brief video demonstrates why it is important to add titles, descriptions and website links to all your images and how this can affect your social media sharing.   We want to make it super simply for our visitors on our websites to share on #Pinterest, #Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Google+ and other social medias..  Having those great descriptions with keywords, and links back to your website make all the difference.  In the video you see the company did a great job of having the social buttons for sharing, but because the images  were not optimized when they were uploaded onto the website, they are missing huge opportunities to make it super simple for “Social Sharing”.  I also demonstrate how you can modify titles and descriptions before you post on your social networks, that way you can modify ANY Links and image descriptions for your own posts.

Here is the link for the blog post about optimizing your images on your website with step by step details:   How to Optimize your Website Images for Pinterest

Best Sellers and books Stephanie was contributing author

Amazon Best Seller-  Social Trigger Points:  The Massage Therapist's Guide to Marketing Online   

  • Social Trigger Points:  Massage Therapist’s Guide to Marketing Online (Available in Paperback and Kindle) – The term “Social Media” may conjure up a pain response much like the words “trigger point therapy” produce a grimace from customers who have experienced it. The most common Social Trigger Points are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Linked in.  In Social Trigger Points, Stephanie provides you with general overviews, real strategies and action steps. The real strategies and action steps are meant to be “BIG picture” and outlines for implementing those strategies. By providing a broader view, these are less likely to be affected by the constant state of flux we have come to accept from social media sites. Ideally the strategies and action steps should be ones you can apply immediately whether it is to inspire you to get started or update what you already have in place. My hope is to receive updates of your successful and inspired results


  • Small Business Trendsetters-Volume 2 (Kindle Edition) – The Small Business Trendsetters is a compilation of working internet marketing methods the authors use in their own marketing businesses. They layout their favorite method for driving customers to their clients. No fluff, just the good stuff.


  • The Ethics of Touch –the Second Edition – Stephanie contributed the Ethical Social Media section in the Business Ethics Chapter 9. The Ethics of Touch has sold 81,000 copies, is recommended by more than 750 healing arts associations and schools. Over 250 schools require it as a text.
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